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#1 New Client Acquisition and Profit Maximization Program for Coaches, Consultants, and Experts that own and operate Client-Centric Online Businesses.

The Art of Online Prosperity

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We help experts, practitioners, coaches, consultants, and service providers - articulate, package, and sell premium, high-reward programs and services that result in stellar results and outcomes for their clients.

The Art of Online Prosperity program trains our clients on all aspects of what is required to succeed with their online client-centric business. As a direct result of our training, they will be seen as the competent, confident, and pre-eminent leaders they are, all while commanding an exceptional income.

Due to our in-depth understanding and done-with-you hands-on instruction regarding paid online advertising, sales, and technology, our clients are able to operate their businesses with an extreme level of clarity and confidence. Our clients gain this clarity and confidence because they have implemented our methodologies that are based on best practices that are currently relevant. Our clients are also afforded the know-how to make data-driven decisions resulting in ongoing stability and predictability.

In order to accomplish this, we help our clients build their Evergreen Prospective New Client Pipeline™ that consistently produces a surplus of new clients allowing them to meet and surpass their production and income goals. Our clients only perform marketing tasks that provide objective, trackable and measurable outcomes in their businesses and are not inundated with busy work or the next advertising fad that only frustrates them with abysmal results.

We also provide world-class sales training to ensure our clients’ success in helping as many of their own clients as possible. Being able to effectively articulate and demonstrate their value, their perfect clients who are in alignment with their offerings enroll in their programs fully committed and ready to do the work required.

Additionally, we provide hands-on help and implementation regarding the technological aspects of our proprietary online business system essentially demystifying what can often prohibit many from succeeding. We believe in eradicating unnecessary ‘tech obstacles’ so that our clients have the best fighting chance of succeeding with their businesses’ by doing what they are proficient in and love the most - helping their clients.

We only work with those who can get amazing results for their clients, are able and willing to take massive action, and strive to become the best provider to their clients as they can be.

We absolutely reject potential clients who don’t take swift, decisive action and full responsibility for their own success. 

The work we will do together will be invaluable and integral to client success however, without their full cooperation and implementation of all we have to offer, their chances of success are diminished.

Without our help, these business owners will continue to struggle with business strategy, work harder than they should, and earn a lot less money than they are capable of.

This makes their life unnecessarily difficult because they are unable to finance their professional and personal lives at the level required to attain their goals, they will always be concerned about money, be subject to incompetent coaches and their inadequate programs, and ultimately, lead to burnout.

With our help in getting all the required essential elements to succeed into complete alignment, our clients are able to easily command and collect premium prices for their services, finally experience the financial rewards for their specialized knowledge and expertise, and are positioned to look towards a brighter future due to the predictability and stability our program creates for them.

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Why The Art of Online Prosperity?

The #1 Online Business Growth System for Experts Worldwide

New client acquisition via customized condition-based campaign flows from your calls-to-action(s) to appointments that show. 
Industry best automated appointment bookings with proven conversion rates for maximum ROI/ROAS on any ad spend budget.
We've generated thousands of appointments via our proprietary campaigns and have tirelessly refined their process over many iterations. Through meticulous data-keeping regarding our clients' results, we understand with certainty which campaigns yield the highest conversions at the most minimal cost.
Our time-tested, data-driven, evergreen campaigns will work for any type of online client-centric business. Our campaigns work year after year without diminishing returns. Prospective new clients book-in daily.
The ONLY synergistic online business growth experience available in the marketplace today for coaches and experts. No other ad agency, coach, or 'guru' comes close to being able to duplicate our process or our clients' results.

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The Synergistic Advantage


Take the guesswork out of converting cold prospects into committed, paying clients at high-reward prices.
Focused one-on-one assistance and training to achieve new production and income milestones. 
Learn how to effectively manage your growing online business with proven systems that work.
Passionate support that keeps you moving onward and upwards, allowing you to continuously achieve your 'best months ever'. 
We provide troubleshooting and problem-solving client workshops to refine your lead and appointment conversion process for maximum growth advantage.

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Robust New Client
Acquisition Campaigns

Created For Driven And Ambitious Experts

Behind each proven campaign is a staggering amount of new client cost acquisition data, backed by years of testing and iterations.
Unmatched world-class training on paid advertising strategies, bidding techniques and organizational management for maximum performance, clarity, and financial gain.
Done-with-you technical installation and integration for seamless lead/appointment flow and results tracking.
Proven social media campaigns that work like gangbusters so you don't have to.
Make winning impressions and lasting connections via your promotional business assets.

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No ongoing commitments or yearly contracts.
No costly seminars you must attend . . . 
Just crazy good results and a great time acquiring them!

Are You With Another
Agency or Coach?

(we know the industry's dirty little secrets)

The Art of Online Prosperity program is for those who wish to bypass years of trial and error, finally do away with coaches that only lead you by your heartstrings, fill your schedule with a ton of low-priority tasks and busy work, ensnare you with their ineffective ‘edutainment’ that devours your valuable time, money, and energy only to leave you with abysmal results.

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We Work Best With Coaches
and Experts Who Are:

... wanting to build a substantial client base, quickly!
... seeking to boost their competitive edge.
... overworked and prefer to spend their weekends and spare time to rejuvenate and recharge.
... passionate but feel challenged in building a six-figure per month online coaching business.
... time-starved and want to work less hours and have more personal time doing what they love and spending time with family.
... looking for a better way to market other than the same old tired and outdated methods that produce a negligible ROI.
... burned out by coaching programs that flat-out DON'T WORK.
... ambitious and want to greatly increase their paid advertising results without the guesswork and stress.
... wanting to multiply their client volume and hire associate coaches to serve more clients (optional).
... ready to take upward steps and willing to take immediate action to reach their highest monthly collections.

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Fueled by data-driven campaign results providing you with the best possible outcomes right from the very start.

What Our Clients Say:

As an in-demand attorney, Raj has represented some of the largest names in Silicon Valley and is the founder of Practice Alchemy. Practice Alchemy serves legal firms seeking to acquire new clients, build brand awareness, and establish credibility. Working with law firms of all sizes and practice areas, Practice Alchemy creates comprehensive law firm marketing strategies for their clients that consistently deliver return on investment.

Candi has worked with over a thousand clients teaching them her highly effective 'FFSHing Formula' - a proven system to help her clients get free from debt and generate high profit margins in real estate. Her program, Foundations For Success, is a reliable step-by-step process for eliminating debt and mortgages without the usual risks associated with most other real estate investment strategies.

Ebonie is an internationally recognized career coach. Her proprietary process helps her clients stand out above the crowded and endless list of competing applicants. Ebonie's clients go on to acquire their dream career in the face of fierce competition. She also enables and empowers them to negotiate better terms and salaries by training her clients to be seen as an invaluable addition to any corporate team. Ebonie is a real value creator!


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A client-centric online business is a business with purpose. At the end of the day, you want to help as many people as you can, have as much fun as you can, and make as much money as you can in the process. Let's face it . . . what you generate for yourself financially during your time in business is what you're going to wind up with at the end of your career as a coach or expert as you enter retirement. Your financial health will have a profound effect on the quality of your livelihood now and beyond. The Art of Online Prosperity program will put you on a trajectory towards certain and strategic success. By working with us, you will help more people, experience a lot less stress, improve your finances for you and your family, and have more fun.

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