The Art of Online Prosperity

Certain And Strategic Success For Your Online Coaching Business


"Six Milestones Online Coaches Must Reach To Multiply High-Ticket Clients
& What To Stay Away From In Marketing"

Learn what it REALLY takes to succeed with a client-centric online coaching business - without driving yourself crazy!

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Jonathan Hyslop

Founder, Creator, CEO
The Art of Online Prosperity

Jonathan has worked closely with hundreds of clients since 2011, and through his world-class training programs, he has enabled his clients to add substantial revenue and increased profits to their businesses.

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Communication Clarity & Extreme Organization
The importance of potentiating your message to market regarding your solution and offer, and getting your business’s organization, tech operations, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and profit systems dialed in tight. Without these structures in place, you will needlessly struggle.
Leverage Paid Advertising As Jet Fuel For Your Marketing & Instrument Of Validation
Construct and grow your online coaching business by using paid advertising and the feedback data that it provides to ensure certain and strategic success. 'Organic' methods as re-taught by many online coaches is an unnecessarily long and slow path to success that oftentimes leads to discouragement due to lack of results.
Keep Engaged & Focused On Your Business's Strategic Evolution Using Data-Driven Management
By managing all of your business’s activities through the observation of data and taking specific and focused action on that data, you stand to have the best fighting chance in moving strategically towards the goals you have for your business.
Only Engage In Organized Strategic Activities That Move Your Business Forward - (a set of principles applied to your business)
Once you stack these five principles together, your perception of your business, how you act within your business, and who you permit to provide you with advice regarding your business is going to change.
Reject Commodity Pricing & Deliver The Full Solution
These two maxims go hand-in-hand and both have far reaching implications for the ongoing long-term financial success of your business as well as the success your clients will go on to experience because you have delivered the full solution to the problem your programs and services solve.
...And Many More Insights!
As someone who is seeking help and assistance to grow your online business, you will need the insight and foresight to confidently make the correct decision when investing in your business. You need to understand precisely what you’re investing into and getting involved in - otherwise, you stand the chance of not only being let down after riding a wave of novelty and the initial rush of joining a program or group, but you may also be subject to adopting an ineffective structure and wrong methods that inevitably lead to your time and money being wasted.

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