Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How much should I charge for my program? What's a good price?

Believe it or not, if your program solves a major concern or problem, then it's PRICELESS.

What is it worth to someone to get them back to doing the things they love? Being able to get back to work so they can provide for their family? Getting and staying our of pain so they can reclaim their lives?

The point: When you solve a major problem or concern for your client, it's priceless. You can charge whatever you decide to charge.

When the person values the solution more than the investment requires, an exchange in money for the solution occurs.

Most clients in TAOOP price their initial 8-week programs at the $5K-$12K mark. Where you fall in that range is all about your level of CERTAINTY. If you are certain that your program is worth $5K-$12K, your clients will be too! BUT if you have doubts, so will they.

If you are brand new to the program and reading this, just know that more detail on price justification and juxtaposition is coming up later in the course when it's the most relevant.

If I have clients who are already working with me, do I raise their prices?

The very best part of owning a business is that you are able to create something that serves YOU and your clients. Start with YOUR needs.

If you wish to re-enroll past clients at your previous price point, be sure to articulate that those prices are no longer offered and your new program includes much more than what they have received as you've bettered yourself as a practitioner/coach. Make sure to articulate the value they will now be receiving.

Should I list my prices on my website?

No way. You are only hurting yourself and your prospective clients if you reveal your price before they are ready to hear it. REMEMBER: it's NOT about the money. It's about the life changing value that you are offering your patient/client. Collecting money from your patient/client is ONLY a cashier's act - nothing more.

If you have prices on your website now, remove them immediately.

Can I have all of the Milestones unlocked early?

Absolutely not. TAOOP is deliberately designed to be an unfolding process. You go through the training, you do ALL of the work step-by-step. If you have questions, we're here for you.

Skipping ahead is NOT allowed. However, if you complete ALL of the coursework for the week you're on, and you're ready to move forward to the next week earlier, submit a ticket.

HOWEVER, if you want a Milestone unlocked early, and you haven't completely finished ALL of the coursework for the week you're on, don't even bother asking! Trust us. We have your very best interests at heart. We want to be sure that you are not skipping, altering, or omitting steps. This is YOUR livelihood at stake and we will do everything in our power to keep you on track and make sure you get the outcome desired from the program.

How long does it take to receive feedback/support from TAOOP team?

We pride ourselves on the fanatical support we offer our clients and aim to get back with you as fast as humanly possible. You will always receive a response within 24 hours - if not immediately!

Can I get more time in TAOOP program?

If you need more time in TAOOP program, no problem. You may purchase an additional 30 days of coaching for $1500. You'll continue to receive all the same coaching as you did during the 8 weeks, i.e. the Q&A calls, Facebook Group and support.

Please click here for full details.

I need more focused one-on-one help than what the core program offers. What is available to me?

From time to time, some clients need a little more TLC than what the core program can provide. Maybe there's some deep problem solving that needs to occur within their business. There could be additional mental and emotional blocks that they find hard to overcome on their own. Our VIP Accelerator program offers 4 weeks of private and intensely focused one-on-one coaching. The VIP Accelerator program is project based, meaning that we will discuss and systematically work towards what needs to happen to get you over and past any blocks or obstacles that might be in your way.

Please click here for full details.

Do you have a fee-for-service agreement/contract that you can provide for my use?

This is important. Under NO circumstances are you being advised by TAOOP to use your 'fee-for-service agreement' without a lawyer's approval. TAOOP is not qualified to provide legal advice, and this is a legally binding document. Please, don't cut corners here. Be certain this is done correctly by consulting a lawyer who will create your final version for use in your business.

What happens at the end of the program?

At the end of the 8 weeks, we have a separate Facebook Group just for graduates of the program called Momentum, and we're happy to welcome you into that Group when you graduate. In Momentum, you can continue to get support from your fellow graduates, and we also do a special bonus training call for grads only about once a month.

I'm interested in TAOOP Ω. When should I apply?

Once you have gone through the entire TAOPP program, have fully designed your program/service offers, and have been able to demonstrate that you are enrolling clients on a consistent basis, that would be the time to apply for TAOOP Ω. TAOOP Ω is undoubtedly reserved for high-achievers only and ambitious clients who aspire to be just that.

I know someone who would be a great fit for TAOOP program. How should I refer them to you?

If you have someone you feel would benefit from TAOOP, submit their information via Email at

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Brief description of why you think they're awesome!

We will reach out to set them up with watching our Presentation and getting them booked to speak with someone from our team. It is important you don't send them through the funnel before you refer them to us - if they are already in our network before we contact them, we can not credit you for the referral.

If the person does sign up, we will send you $1000 via PayPal for the referral AND you will have changed someone's life and practice for the better!

How do I submit my coursework?

You will submit your coursework in two ways:

  1. Member Support area - here you will submit anything that is written in PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Apple Pages, Numbers, Keynote. Use the 'Ticket' widget on this page (available to current members during their 8-week program and additional TAOOP services that include support).
  2. Wistia - Here you will create a free account where you will be able to upload your video trainings and provide us the link to view your content via Email.

Can I put my 8-weeks on pause if I need to?

Generally speaking, no. Only in cases of a serious emergency will we consider it. If you have something really serious going on that's going to interfere with your progress in the program, submit a ticket and let us know what's up.

While on pause, you will lose all access to the training, the Facebook Group, the Q&A's and email/chat support.

What is the purpose of the Mission Statement?

The Mission Statement is for your internal clarity only -
your potential patients/clients will never read it.

We have you do the Mission Statement so that we can be absolutely sure that you're clear on 3 things:

  1. The problems you solve / outcomes you provide.
  2. Who you provide it for.
  3. Your system for providing it.

Your sales strategy in TAOOP depends on you being absolutely clear on those 3 things, so DO NOT skip the Mission Statement. It's the most important fundamental piece of the entire program.

I'm feeling very overwhelmed and unsure of myself. Is this normal?

Absolutely! It is completely normal.

TAOOP is a transformative, results-driven program. That means we have to push you outside of your comfort zone. That's where the results are!

Just know, we're here to support you in any way we can. Our system is thoroughly tried-and-tested.

ALL of our clients who are doing very well for themselves right now went through massive self-doubt, frustration, and overwhelm. It is all part of the process.

This is why you MUST work on yourself and your business everyday. Be good to yourself and increase your level of self-care. Eat well. Get enough sleep. Exercise. Take time to properly rest. This is an INTENSE program that will challenge you and you need to be your very best self from beginning to end, and beyond - for yourself, your family, and your clients.

I solve more than one problem. What should my offer be about?

Our program teaches you how to 'sell one thing'. Here's what we mean:

Your programs and services may alleviate/correct all types of problems your clients may have and no one cookie-cutter approach would be appropriate for everyone. However, your core program and care must be able to solve the problems of your clients without having to offer a ton of variations of your core program. For example, the Pettibon System is a proven methodology of spinal correction and rehabilitation for over 50 years. There's tons of research and pre and post x-ray results. It's a complete end-to-end system that makes sound physiological sense. It is a whole-spine approach and no matter what the patient is experiencing in relation to their health concern, as long as it's spine related and in that scope of practice, the Pettibon System is appropriate to recommend. That is, everything is included within the system.

Therefore, you are able to enroll a patient into care on the Pettibon System. You do not need to add all other types of odds and ends. The more ancillary options you have to offer, the more 'product distortion' you will create and the objections to enroll into your program will become exponential.

Should I provide a guarantee for my program?

Absolutely not. There are simply too many variables to contend with when it comes to a final outcome to offer a guarantee especially when it requires work and implementation from your client. You will only guarantee that you will provide the service and instruction that will assist in helping your client to achieve the outcomes you've been known to help other clients achieve. Everyone responds to coaching/instruction differently. Some will comply with your program, some will not. You and your program will be designed to keep your clients on track. You want to build a culture of client responsibility within your business.


What else can I do to get better and more effective regarding my sales?

Practice, practice, practice.

Begin with a true desire to serve your client. Role play, rehearse, and build that muscle. Follow the program as we lay it out for you. With each lesson, your learning builds and lays the foundation for the next step.

Why are my emails being sent directly to spam?

There are many reasons that mailbox providers could flag your email as spam. 

Here are the most common reasons we see and how to fix them!

Sending From a Public Domain

If you are sending messages from a free domain like,, etc., your messages will likely go to the spam folder. You'll want to be sure to send mail from a domain that you own and that matches your branding. Since you are using Mailgun and your own domain that is integrated with Mailgun DNS records, this issue will not be of concern to you.

Sending Internal Mail

Are you sending messages to the same domain that the message is coming from? For example, sending from to If so, it's common for these internal messages to go to spam. This is because your mailbox sees that it's receiving a message from itself, but it knows that it didn't send the message (TAOOP HL did). This makes your mailbox think it's being spoofed, and it sends the message to spam. However, sending this same message to another email address that does not include your domain, the email will not be placed in spam.


If the domain you use to send mail has a DMARC policy but you haven't verified the domain in with your SMTP provider, your messages will likely go to spam. Check with your SMTP provider for instructions on how to ensure your TAOOP HL messages pass DMARC.

List Health & List Collection

If all of the technical pieces above are covered, list health and list collection are the next most important factors to determine deliverability.

For more information, please see this article from Mailgun.


How does the TAOOP Application attribution model work?

TAOOP App is attributing the first interaction.

If the first interaction comes in organically, and then they come back with paid advertising, e.g., retargeting, then we count them as an organic lead and no ROI/ROAS paid ad attribution will occur. However, sending back data to the advertising platform via the 'WON' trigger for offline conversions will still attempt to match your sale to the retargeting ad they came back with.

​If the lead first comes in via a 'first' paid ad, e.g., 'cold' campaign, and then they come back with a 'second' ad, e.g., retargeting, then attribution will count towards the 'first' ad only.


What is the most productive mindset to carry throughout my D1 and D2?

The Doctor’s Frame: To serve & support the client while looking to see if we are the best option to serve and support them. Do we understand their problem and are we the best to solve it now? Do we want to work with this patient/client? Are they committed and ready to change now? Help them understand their problem and offer them your solution to solve it.

What do I do if the prospective client asks about the price before it's time?

Do not disclose the price of your program until THEIR WANT for the solution you offer is solid and strong. Again, it's NOT about the money. People can and will afford what they WANT but if you disclose your price before it's time, you will only then enable them to focus on the price before the value is built and the awareness of the consequences of their health concern is articulated and understood by them properly.

In other words, we do not want price getting in the way of THEM making the best decision for themselves.

One possible response could be: "I appreciate the question.  But we haven't even decided if we want to sit next to each other in the bleachers and my program is not a commodity.  So if you're serious about this, how about we take it one step at a time?"

You can also be as brazen as, ""We have to talk to see if we're a fit to work together. If we're not, the cost is zero." Reserve this for people who are very pushy and demanding.

How do I handle a prospective client who wants to talk to competitors before making a decision?

This is normal, unfortunately. People are ingrained to believe that they need to ask for a 'second opinion'. Some people are also 'shoppers'. Rest assured, these people are almost always NOT your ideal client. My clients and I have found that it's best to let them go.

If you wish to try and salvage those that have gone through your sales process and you are absolutely certain that you can help them, talk about what they should look for in a coach and be sure that YOU have the qualities, attributes and outcomes that NO ONE can match.

For example, offering the Pettibon System provided instant credibility since it has been a proven methodology for over 50 years.. Undeniable objective evidence using pre and post x-rays proved to the patient that the system was delivering on its promise. When prospective patients would say that they wanted to go down the block and see what Dr. Whatever had to offer, me or my staff would say to them, "Ok, so what you want to ask when you go down there is if they offer a proven method of corrective care. If they take an x-ray beforehand and they are selling you on their care it only stands to reason that an x-ray taken after care would show the difference in your spine from their work, don't you agree?" This got them thinking. Yes, people purchase on emotion but they also purchase using logic and reason. Don't ever forget that.

No one has enrolled in my program yet. Why is that?

It starts with you. Are you convinced? Are you there to just sell or help people?

Buyers can tell the difference today, so you need to make sure they can tell you want to really help. Do you believe in your offer / product / service? Have you been following the training? Are you expecting them to enroll or say NO?

Lastly, keep practicing and having as many 'up-at-bats' as possible. Small sample sizes don’t give us the truth, only feedback. Do NOT get discouraged or arrive at a conclusion, good or bad, without enough trials and testing.

What do I do when the patient/client says my program is too expensive?

"Too expensive" is a sign that the value wasn’t made effectively or you didn’t get the client to identify they have a real problem.

When value exceeds the cost, there is no cost.

Ask questions like:

  • “What is it really costing you to…..?”.
  • “If you could really fix this problem, what would it be worth to you?”

Also, if your prospective new patient/client does not have a significant health concern, you're NOT getting a new patient/client! Simple as that. Move on.

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